There are two ways to look at things

I always fall in love with the imperfection of the reverse side of my work.
In this case, a little fabric collage I have been working on for the past few months.


Getting bookish

I’m getting a collection of my books together for Wednesday’s Crafternoons@Boyd which kicks off this Wednesday from 3-5.30pm at Boyd Community Hub in Southbank. #excited.



Next Wednesday November 16 I’m launching the first of a series of Crafternoons@Boyd at the Boyd Community Hub. It’s a pretty informal drop-in group where you can pop in anytime between 3-5.30pm and bring a textile project to work on. It’s a way to connect with like-minded community crafters, eat some cake (baked by yours truly), share skills and stories. I’ll be donating some yarn and fabric to the group and there will be some great resources available to peruse if you are in need of some inspiration to get you going. Hope to see you!



Scrunchies for a cause

I’m currently developing a collaborative textile project to assist those in need. Keep an eye out on my blog for more info. (coming soon!)



Small scale

Just me and a whole lot of hexagons quietly working away.


Travelling by train

I recently caught the train from Melbourne to Sydney which I have done a few times this year. It is such a nice way to travel and provides the perfect opportunity to work on a project and make new connections. People talk to one another, which is nice. You can find a lot out about a person when you sit next to them during a twelve-hour train trip.

patch window

Found needlework

I found this french needlepoint pattern in a local op shop a few months ago.
I have been working on it intermittently ever since.